After a long and bloody struggle Rialdon now finds its western borders nearly doubled in size.  Almost a century ago the Vodelith Accords ceded much of Galiesia's southwestern territory to Rialdon.  Several defensive treaties and strategic marriages later, northwestern portions of Corveth were also under Rialdon's control.  However, management of such a vast state has proven difficult.  Rumors of the eastern territories' plans to secede have reached the ears of interested parties back in the capitol.


From taiga forests and rocky coastline in the north to swampy jungles in the south, Rialdon boasts one of the most diverse landscapes in Caelvoran.  Several of the small islands off the nation's considerable coastline have also developed their own unique ecosystems having been cut off from the mainland.  Sizable ore deposits near the Shalewash River in the southwest have allowed a thriving mining industry to spring up almost overnight.  It also cannot go without mentioning that the perpetual maelstrom known as the Fool's Gate technically falls within the maritime territory of Rialdon.


While Rialdon's prefectures are nominally overseen by a regional magistrate and associated bureaucracy, local merchant princes brazenly step in to interfere with great regularity.  Indeed, it's frequently said that their petty squabbles are the only thing standing between Rialdon and its next successful conquest.  However, those with both eyes open have noticed a consolidation of power and wealth among a few key individuals in recent years.





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