Iriswood University

“Any fool can know. The point is to understand.” —Professor Irfan Thulani, just before his mysterious disappearance

Iriswood’s location, nestled in a valley far from what most would consider civilization, has allowed academic research to progress relatively unhindered by such nuisances as politics or peasantry. Consequently, the university now boasts a talented, if somewhat eccentric, faculty of researchers with quite eclectic interests. Internships here are highly sought after and, following a spate of particularly rough years, intern deaths are now at an all-time low.


Shop/Location Name Type NPCs
Office of the Dean Office Dean Adva Sunan, Cordell (secretary)
Library n/a Wasim (Head Librarian), Idril (Help Desk)
Student Store & Gift Shop Magic Items Philander Pathcat


Shop/Location Name Type NPCs
Artifacts & Curses Academic/Office Karolina, Prof. Poplarlachs
History Academic/Office Prof. Riella, Prof. Oyvind, Prof. Ryleigh
Magical Creatures Academic/Office Prof. Dafna
Planes Academic/Office Prof. Ordhi
Religion Academic/Office Prof. Langdon

College Towers

Shop/Location Name Type NPCs
College of Abjuration Academic Prof. Brither, Prof. Audreya
College of Conjuration Academic Zerin Landri, Osdra Dai
College of Evocation Academic Odallie, Prof. Nermeni
College of Divination Academic Ramona, Prof. Danwrick

Grounds & Environs

Shop/Location Name Type NPCs
Armory Weapons & Armor Volox (Master-at-Arms)
Griffin Rookery Husbandry Sweetpea, Jex
Zephyr Barracks Housing Kristoff Estevan, Devlin
Guidehouse Housing Liesel Tenxan

Iriswood University

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