"Today we honor those we have lost.  Their noble sacrifice made this possible.  Made Rialdon possible.  May they never be forgotten." —-Iphigenia Legget at the dedication of the Tower at Fallen Hill 

Rialdon's capitol city is surrounded by low farmland on three of its borders.  To the east, along its fourth, the shallow Ackerie River moors the small fleet of Jarrow's skyships.  Nearly half a day's ride beyond the river lies the treacherous Wyrmwood Forest.  The thick city walls serve as testament to the dangers both natural and political faced by its citizens in the past. 

To the outside observer the patchwork architecture of Jarrow is a curious sight to behold.  It speaks to the practical nature of the denizens within; function is oft favored over aesthetic.  Following the uneasy declaration of peace between Rialdon and Galiesia, the current magistrate ordered a monument built to honor those slain in the war.  The subsequent sinking of the Blackview Library allowed for the creation of the Tower at Fallen Hill, which now dominates the Jarrow skyline. 

Iron Hills

When the wind blows just right the pungent aroma of tanneries, smithies, and other crafts can lead a keen-nosed individual to the Iron Hills by smell alone.  

Shop/Location Name Type NPCs
Minstrel & Shield Inn  
Broken Hammer Smithy  
Temple of Kord Religious Erix (high priest), Kamin (high priest)

Low Markets

If there was a beating heart to Jarrow, the Low Markets would be it.  The markets here are vast and varied, and commerce happens at near every hour of the day.  Rumor has it that both the Hollow Thorn and the local Thieves' Guild make their home somewhere within this part of the city, but since neither officially exist these claims cannot be corroborated.

Shop/Location Name Type NPCs
Crossed Staves Inn Biorni (owner)
Temple of Sarenrae Religious Wilwood Tumblegrass (high priest)


For those seeking magical items, enchantments, potions, or simple healing salves, the Faymill is the only place to find such things.  The founders of Jarrow developed strict zoning policies regarding the creation of magic items within city walls (largely to protect against the fallout of magical accidents and experimentation).  While attitudes have laxed somewhat over time, the merchants of Faymill now remain out of a sense of pride and tradition.

Shop/Location Name Type NPCs
Unicorn's Chain Magic Items  
Kadu's Wands Magic Items  
Githa's Apothecary Potions  
Sphinx Oddities & Trinkets Pawn/Trade  
The Cracked Fey Tavern  

High Town

Fortified with its own inner wall, Hightown is inaccessible to most of the city.  Along with the sprawling estates of Rialdon's merchant princes, within its walls are Blackview Academy, Alderth Hold, and the Tower at Fallen Hill.  Heavily guarded teleportation circles at the tower's summit are reserved for only the most wealthy of citizens, while lower levels house governmental offices and meeting halls.

Shop/Location Name Type NPCs
Alderth Hold Guard/Military Esper Sherman; Lt. Dresby; Soma
Blackview Academy Academic Prof. Abette Dyley; Prof. Wetmaer, Prof. Valerie Brixa, Gozi Phewe
Wilmont-Burke Manor Residential Emerson (majordomo)
Illuminated Galleria Jeweler Lillian (owner)
Tower at Fallen Hill Political General Irador

Eastern Cross

A majority of Jarrow's imports and exports come through the Eastern Cross.  The Skyship docks are often bustling with activity as sailors load and unload cargo, captains haggle with the harbormaster over berth prices, and Hoppers regale locals with tales from afar.

Shop/Location Name Type NPCs
Trade Company Warehouses Trade Locha Frye
Harbormaster's Office Office Isabella Driftlace
Skyship Docks Travel Ceres Doyini


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