Captain Brekenridge


“Pirates file no manifests. They are beholden to no government. If they’ve gone missing, I guarantee nobody went looking for them.”—Basiik Hanes, First Mate aboard the trading vessel the Mermaid’s Jewel

According to legend, Marten Wyndham was born into a well-to-do family from what would later become the Vrettiver region of Galiesia. Third in line to inherit the family fortune, the young lord was implicated in attempted fratricide. Forced to flee, Wyndham made his way south to Tandarrah where he assumed the name Brekenridge and a new identity.

For years Brekenridge served in the small fleet of trade ships that made port in Tandarrah. During a particularly long return voyage from eastern Rialdon the young man convinced his ship’s crew to mutiny, presumably under the promise of higher cuts of the profit. Over the next several decades Captain Brekenridge and the crew of the Night Saber became the bane of many a trader and merchant on the Endless Ocean.

In some tales Brekenridge, determined to cut days off a return journey, drove his ship too near the Fool’s Gate and was consumed. In others he sank the ship of a powerful warlock who, with his dying breath, laid a curse upon the Night Saber’s captain and crew. Legend has it the ship still prowls the region between Tandarrah and the Sunstrider Sea. However, others swear they have seen the ghostly vessel as far west as the Moondark Sea.

Captain Brekenridge

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