Ninety-Nine Problems

Session 27: Swords & Standards

"You do have lovely teeth"


The group reunited with Jinn in Pontill and introduced him to their new companion, Professor Iri. While the rest of the party dealt with the bulette problem, Jinn had been tending to the town’s psychological well-being. However, the adventurers were eager to be on their way and decided to leave with the next caravan to Kellabine. The villagers were particularly pleased with this arrangement, as attacks from the Ice Demons had increased.

The morning they were set to leave, Jinn and Micah engaged in a light sparring match. What was ostensibly a friendly lesson in the importance of armor turned to a harrowing battle as Micah began attacking his friend. Fortunately, Bart was on-hand to intervene. While Micah was knocked out the paladin attempted to communicate with Cordyceps. Instead, he received a brief—but troubling—insight into the sword’s motivation. When he awoke, the group confronted Micah about what happened and agreed that action must be taken to address the evil in their midst. In the meantime, however, they agreed he was probably the best candidate to watch over it.

About this time Chari revealed that she had taken the liberty of naming their adventuring group and providing them with banners. They were now known, quite officially, as the Dragon Punchers.

On the journey to Kellabine the caravan met with a small band of Ice Demons. A particularly strange and brief skirmish ensued. Though the leader of the band was slain in the encounter, several members raiding party were taken prisoner. Over the next few days Bart succeeded in convincing a pair of them to aid the Dragon Punchers in their cause, provided the rebels were shown mercy upon arrival in the city.

The rest of the journey proved relatively uneventful. The group arrived in Kellabine, secured lodging, and began to prepare for the next leg of their quest to Iriswood University.



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