Mani Mara'hid

Guardian of the Mara'hid Line


Mani is the youngest child of the Mara’hid royal family. After her favorite sibling, Majid Prasad So’asna, disappeared from Khard more than 20 years ago, the young princess stopped speaking for a time. Rumors spread through the court. Popular opinion believed that the brother, born under an ill-sign, attempted to pass his curse to his unwitting youngest sibling, resulting in the loss of her voice.

After seven years of silence, Mani came to the twins Vidya and Vayu and requested to accompany them. It was on that dig that she broke the silence—crying out to warn the twins who were wholly unaware of the mortal peril in which they’d been. When pressed Mani would later explain she had a feeling she would be needed on the trip.

Mani’s powers as a Favored Soul have only grown stronger since that day.

When the Dragon Punchers faced General Irador outside of Jarrow, Mani, through her birthgift, was summoned to her brother’s rescue. Over the next several weeks she began repairing her relationship with Jinn, working through years of anger, resentment, confusion, and loss. When she returned home to Mas’Uld the two parted on amiable terms.

The Khardish princess befriended many while in Rialdon’s capitol city, but became particularly fond of Sir Bartleby of Calicia. Before his untimely death, the Knight of Cups carried a favor of Mani tied on his armor. He, In turn, gifted her with his Martyr’s Heart following his resurrection. Their relationship has caused some amount of consternation amongst the leadership of both the Order of Cups and the Khardish monarchy.


Mani Mara'hid

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