General Irador

The Lost Mind


With his piercing blue eyes and tall stature the general is an imposing figure whose presence demands respect from any audience. Irador technically commands the armed forces of Rialdon from within the capitol city of Jarrow, though he prefers to lead from the borderlands where he can more effectively manage issues as they arise. Known for his cunning strategy on the battlefield, he lacks the same acumen in the political arena. The general has little tolerance for the spoiled merchant princes that rule over Rialdon, but has learned to play their games well enough to get by.

While spending time in Jarrow, Jinn discovered that Irador does not have any scars, despite his military background.

With war brewing between Rialdon and Galiesia, and outright skirmishes occurring along the borderlands, Irador is no longer working in the capitol city.



The Dragon Punchers revealed Irador’s true nature in an epic showdown outside the walls of Jarrow. The Lost Mind, an usher of Seudihr, had spent years masquerading as general of Rialdon’s army. From this position he was able to stoke hostilities between Rialdon and Galiesia, reigniting and escalating a centuries-long feud into all-out war between the two nations.

General Irador

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