Ninety-Nine Problems

Session 36: Bakeries & Ballistas

"We wouldn't create chaos wherever we go!"


The party arrived from Iriswood and headed into Kinallen Glen for one last stop before heading into the Dragonlight Fens to search for Esper. Bart sought out a guide at the local chapter of the Steel Fist, northern Rialdon‘s Adventurer’s Guild. Chari bought baked goods to distribute to local urchins in exchange for information. Jinn got in contact with the local Thieves’ Guild to warn them of trouble ahead.

Through a series of improbable and poorly-timed misadventures involving the local bakery, the party found themselves at odds with both the guild and each other.

In an effort to make amends with Sir Bartleby, Jinn and Chari went to the local garrison in hopes of finding a ballista. Using his copy of General Irador’s signet ring, Jinn successfully forged a requisition notice. The party would have the weapon, means of transport, and ammunition at their disposal.

Meanwhile, the Knight of Cups met with the baker’s cousin, Ellis. The man was a drunk, but claimed to have seen a dragon in the area. Following up on the lead, Bart learned that Ellis’s wife had died to a mysterious illness while visiting family in Steephallow. Pitying the man, the Lliiran paladinoffered to give him a new lease on life and induct him into the the Knights Triumphant as a member of the Order of the Chalice.

While preparing to retire for the evening Bart discovered a note tucked in amongst his effects. The letter explained that additional elements were required to destroy Cordyceps, but that the members of the Divination college had been unwilling to reveal them in front of a clearly agitated and unwilling Micah. Bart excitedly shared this information with Jinn before passing out for the night.

In the morning a grossly hungover Ellis was formally inducted as an acolyte and sent on his way to Calicia with Bart’s journal. The Dragon Punchers met their ballista and their guide from the Steel Fist and set out from the western gate in search of Eabhen Keep.



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