Ninety-Nine Problems

Session 29: Toads & Tunnels

"We should try to minimize the crime"


The party set out for Iriswood University hoping that Sir Bartleby would catch up to them. Jinn and Chari foraged for provisions with varying levels of success and accompanying illness. Micah followed a game trail deeper into the woods where he met an unexpected individual—a cyclops tending a flock of barbed rams. The shepherd agreed to trade one of his “sheepie sheeps” for “shinies” from “the mean lady under the mountain”. Unclear quite what that meant, but very hungry, Micah agreed.

The group reconvened and set about finding the entrance to the Mean Lady’s home. Along the way they observed a roc hunting more barbed rams farther up the mountain. Quickly realizing they, too, were in danger of becoming a tasty morsel themselves, the party dodged into a nearby cave. Chari, inadvertently getting her tongue stuck to a glacier toad, once again discovered a valuable lesson about licking her environment.

Moving deeper into the subterranean chamber, they came across a strange creature named Cobble. Cobble, and its friend Jasper, were a few of the disgruntled denizens of the underground network of caves and tunnels. By their descriptions, the Mean Lady, it seemed, was both a naga and not a particularly good neighbor. The pair offered the group a safe place to rest for the night, but had little to offer in terms of food outside of a few suspect mushrooms.

In the morning the group faced down the naga in her lair. After the battle, as they were searching through her hoard, Chari discovered a hidden passage to an underground ruin. Following the halls the party found themselves in an enormous antechamber with strange, celestial carvings and a mysterious fluid fountain. While the rest of the group was unaware of what they had stumbled upon, Jinn had a fairly good idea…

Items Acquired

Potions Magic Items Other Coin
Spyglass 80g
Vial of Alchemist’s Fire 1100cp
Set of fine clothing
Box of spices (saffron, cinnamon)
Folded map



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