Ninety-Nine Problems

Session 26: Mounds & Molds

"Now my blood itches"


In the morning Micah decided to follow up on a farmer’s request for help while Jinn slept in. Recently small mounds of dirt had appeared in the halfling’s fields, destroying his crops and creating a general nuisance. None of the usual remedies against vermin seemed to have an effect. Between Chari’s keen senses and Thunderstrike’s underground tracking, the group trailed the source back into the woods surrounding Pontill.

At the edge of the forest they stumbled upon a strange individual. A tabaxi professor, on a somewhat circuitous route to Iriswood University, had lost her way.Since she had been searching for strange phenomena in the forest, and seemed to have at least a passing familiarity with the area, the group invited Professor Iri to join them. Soon the party found themselves back at the same ruins Chari and Jinn had stumbled upon not a few days previous.

Following Chari’s lead, everyone dropped through a hole into what appeared to be an ancient kitchen. Although the ruins on the surface had suffered the ravages of time, the underground portions of the estate were slightly more intact. However, much of the building was overgrown with fungus, rot, and various creatures that now made their home in the former Sibilans estate.

After thoroughly exploring the remains of the building the party ventured into a network of tunnels bored through one of the side walls. As they investigated the caverns, a fierce bulette ambushed them . The creature had presumably extended its hunting grounds to the farmlands outside Pontill. After a pitched battle the heroes emerged victorious. Returning with a trophy from their kill, they assured Farmer MacGuffin that his crops were no longer in danger.

On the way back into town Bart received another message from Aered. Whomever Jinn had been in contact with in Glassfog, she was less than pleased and on her way to the city.

Items Acquired

Potions Magic Items Other Coin
Blue Sapphire Elemental Gem Spherical puzzle box
Sands of Altered Destiny Fist-sized amethyst
Garnet (x2)
Clear quartz
Lead-lined pouch full of buttons
Folio of old documents



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