Ninety-Nine Problems

Session 23: Vaults & Veils

"Being sneaky is the walking version of lying"


The group successfully defended Sir Bartleby from the flying abominations, and made their way towards the imposing castle above the town. A voice spoke to Bart along the way, offering advice and assistance. Lor, as the fetchling was called, requested the group help him retrieve his scarf in exchange for his assistance in the castle. While the rest of the group seemed amenable, Jinn adamantly refused—demanding they search the castle before anything else. Lor seemed taken aback, but agreed to the terms.

The party made their way in through a back entryway bordering a steep ravine. Lor provided the group with instructions to the vault and disappeared into the keep, assuring the group he’d find them later. The labyrinthine hallways led them to a locked door leading into the castle vault. Inside they found myriad treasures, but one particularly caught Chari’s eye—a small, black orb similar to the one they received from the Lord and Lady of the Forest in the Feywild. No sooner had Lor warned them of limited time in the vault than the guards arrived on the scene.

After their daring escape from the castle Lor explained his situation: a tombstone fairy held his scarf hostage and he was unable to retrieve it himself. The group made their way down to an enormous graveyard to confront the creature. However, the “scarf” was actually a funeral shroud and the situation was perhaps more complex than Lor had let on. After a prolonged confrontation Chari grabbed the shroud and made a mad dash towards the portal. Jinn set the “scarf” ablaze while Micah and Bart watched in horror as Lor’s head slid off and his body slumped to the ground.

With the earth shaking below them, the City of Nod collapsing nearby, and no time to lose, the group made a break for the rapidly closing planar gateway. With the help of her friends Chari narrowly avoided being cut off in the Shadowfell until the next full moon. However, no sooner had they escaped the Plane of Shadow than they needed to rescue Micah and Bart from a watery grave as the bridge between worlds dissolved and the lake reverted to its normal state.

Exhausted and shaken from the experience, the group pulled themselves into the cave where they had stayed previously and made camp for the evening. In the early hours of the morning Bart was awoken by a sending from Aered with urgent news regarding Jarrow.



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