Ninety-Nine Problems

Session 21: Platforms & Puzzles

"Not just any idiot...YOU."


Breaking the seal on the stone wall triggered a cave-in. With no means of escape, the party pressed forward. Inside they were met with a series of dangerous puzzles and riddles leading ever further into the mysterious catacombs. Along the way Bartleby became increasingly convinced the Cup of Faith might actually be within reach.

As the party moved through a cavernous antechamber, lined with enormous statues depicting elements of piety and faith, someone or something triggered its ancient wards. A maelstrom of bones beset the group, attempting to tear them to shreds. Once defeated, Jinn and Sir Bartleby quietly shared their concerns regarding what, precisely, had provoked such a response in a seemingly otherwise holy place. Jinn insisted, however, that it was neither the time nor the place to address such things.

After spending the night in the hall of statues, the group pushed onward. They soon found themselves on the shores of an enormous lake illuminated from above by something resembling will-o’-wisps. Too late they discovered a hydra stalked their crossing. The party was forced to fight for their lives to avoid being dragged under and eaten. With the creature defeated, Bart sank to the lake bottom to see what treasures might lie hidden in the beast’s lair.

Once everyone recovered from the ordeal the group moved forward into an impossibly tall chamber containing a series of platforms and the sigils of the gods. Through their combined efforts, and a little divine assistance, the party scaled the tower and clambered through the opening in the ceiling. On the other side they encountered a circle of standing stones atop a huge hill. The dungeon they’d passed through seemed nowhere in sight, leaving the group wondering where, exactly, were they?

Items Acquired

Potions Magic Items Other Coin
Potion of Flying Glamoured Leather Armor Jewelry
Potion of Poison Oil of Etherealness Bag of Assorted Gems



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