Ninety-Nine Problems

Session 2: Acorns & Augury

"I'm Trained in Genre Awareness"

After spending the night in the woods near shore, the party stumbled upon the remains of their former ship.  The vessel was presumably destroyed during the storm by the grindylows still picking through the wreckage.  With Bartleby reunited with Marley and Micah reunited with his sword, the crew headed towards the nearby village of Fitche.  Having secured food and lodging, they set to exploring the town.  Henrietta, the innkeep of the Mangy Minnow, apologized for the lack of quality fare, citing a recent spate of missing or delayed supply caravans .  Jinn smelled an opportunity.

Bart and Micah went acorn hunting in the nearby forest where they met Rose and her guardian Pipkin.  The party reconvened following this brief, bizarre interaction and set about investigating the strange noises emanating from the town's wishing well.  The source was the ghost of a long-dead warrior.  Following a spate of particularly successful diplomacy Bartleby put her bones to rest while Jinn availed himself of her personal effects.  

Armed with acorns and curiosity, the party visited the home of Old Nan, the wise woman who lived in the woods outside of town.  Nan brokered a deal to trade a portion of Chari's luck for information regarding the missing caravans.  Thus armed, the party returned to the Mangy Minnow to decide their next course of action.

Items Acquired

Potions Magical Items Other
    Serina's Map
    gold ring



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