Ninety-Nine Problems

Session 19: Hunger & Homecomings

"I'm very upset, but I'm keeping the shoes"


As the flames flickered on Sakesu’s body, so did memories of the Feywild. Only Bartleby and Jinn remained aware of what had transpired, and the two were forced to fill in Tabitha and the others about all that had happened over the past few days. Without any assurance of rescue, the party made camp and set about making plans to construct a boat. However, whatever malady Bart had contracted in the plane of faerie was getting worse. The paladin was plagued by constant hunger, yet never sated. Jinn took the Knight of Cups into the woods and, after close examination, relieved Bart of a small, parasitic fey—an alpluachra—that had taken up residence in his throat.

Shortly thereafter, as Chari and Bart were gathering wood, a gnome stepped out of the forest asking for Tabitha Burke. The gentleman introduced himself as Eliseo, and had apparently been sent by Lady Anjah Wilmont-Burke to collect her wayward, adventuring wife. Before leaving the island the group asked the druid to seal the entrance to the Feywild, thus ensuring nobody else would stumble upon its dangers. Task completed, the group stepped through the gnome’s tree door and into the grounds of a massive, sprawling estate. Tabitha welcomed them to her home.

The group witnessed an emotional homecoming between Tabitha and Anjah. After being treated to luxurious baths the group joined the couple for a tense dinner. Following the meal Tabitha and Sir Bartleby took a stroll through the gardens and enjoyed the novelty hedgemaze. Chari, barefoot and unsupervised, ran amok through the halls of the manor looking for Jinn, who had seemingly disappeared. In reality, he had followed Lady Anjah to her private office. Inside, the rogue watched her contact another merchant prince, Claus, regarding the information the party had provided concerning General Irador’s actions in Jarrow.

Shortly thereafter JInn met with Lady Anjah to discuss her support of their quest to collect the gatekeys and stop the Ushers. While initially hesitant, whatever information Jinn divulged while under the influence of a truth serum caused the noblewoman to at least reconsider her stance.



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