Ninety-Nine Problems

Session 12: Beaus & Beheadings

"I'm going to need you to not talk at all"


With no time to spare the party sent Bearthon to fetch the Kordites while they headed into the Wyrmwood Forest to track down Malcolm and the other cultists. Along the way Jinn devised a set of disguises and cover stories for the group which allowed them entrance to the base of operations.

The guards led the heroes to a meeting room deep in the outpost where they lay in wait for their quarry. Malcolm's hesitation upon arrival, somewhat surprised and taken aback at the strangers in the meeting room, gave the party just the opening they needed to spring into action. A violent, harrowing battle ensued. Finally, with a mighty cleave of Cordyceps Micah removed Malcolm's head. The rest of the party, bruised and battered, finished off the sorcerer's companions, but before they could rest the sound of battle elsewhere in the complex drew them out.

While Jinn ventured further into the outpost to ferret out more information on Malcolm's plans, his companions joined the Kordites in the battle against the denizens of the base. After much bloodshed and struggle the cultists were routed, but not before a small band was able to escape through a teleportation circle. The party reconvened as their companions began accounting for the dead and wounded. After some discussion the group headed back to Jarrow. Someone needed to warn General Irador.

Upon arrival in town, most of the party went straight to the Crossed Staves to recover from the ordeal. Chari, however, headed down to the warehouse district to confront Isabella. Emboldened by her brush with death, the young monk asked the harbormaster's assistant on a date before promptly passing out in her office.

Items Acquired

Potions Magic Items Other Coin
Potion of Superior Healing (x2) Wind Fan Locket w/painted portrait 140pp
Potion of Healing Bag of Tricks (tan) Pouch of tigereye gems 2700gp
  Trident of Fish Command Moonstone dice set 9000sp
    Hematite & chalcedony chess set 500cp



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