Ninety-Nine Problems

Session 1: Barrels & Buoyancy

"The safe word is otyugh"

En route to Jarrow the party is waylayed by their own questionable decisions.  The situation escalates quickly after Jinn is discovered investigating the hold's stolen cargo and the party is confined to their chambers.  Thanks to Micah's subtle negotiation the group is put in barrels and thrown overboard.  All according to plan.

A particularly rough landing leaves the group stranded on the beach in a storm without gear or any clue where they might be located.  One thing's for sure, though: things can't get any worse.  Right?


Here is a more exciting account of this session: the story of Micah and the Pirates.


Here’s a story you may have heard…

Upon learning that the sword he held was the legendary Cordyceps, Micah set off for the island city of knowledge. He knew that he could learn more there about the sword and its fabled set of matching armor.

In order to reach the city of knowledge, Micah sought passage on a merchant vessel. On the ship he recruited several fellow passengers to join his quest, including Bartleby, a knight of Saint Cuthbert spreading good cheer across the land; Djinn, a sharp-eyed man of fine taste with a mysterious past; and Chari, a wandering monk collecting lore for her order.

The voyage was smooth at first, but soon the “merchant” crew’s true nature was revealed. Once the ship left land beyond the horizon, one of the crew lured Djinn into the hold and attempted to rob him of his valuables. Micah overheard the altercation and rushed in to assist, but was overwhelmed by the rest of the pirates. He and his friends were all seized and thrown in their cabin.

The pirates attempted to starve and poison the heroes, then tried to lock them in barrels for the rest of the journey. But Micah had a plan: he tipped the barrels overboard and saved his friends from the pirates’ plot. Once the barrels washed ashore, the heroes would be free!

There was only one problem. In order to enter the barrel, he’d had to leave his sword behind. It was unthinkable that Cordyceps fall into the hands of evildoers and miscreants, so the group gathered themselves on the rocky shore and prepared to track down the pirates and catch them unaware.

But that’s a story for a different time…

Session 1: Barrels & Buoyancy

Gods bless dear, sweet Micah. Truly a great amongst heroes.

Session 1: Barrels & Buoyancy

This is the best. For the record.

Session 1: Barrels & Buoyancy

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