The Wandering Caravan


The Wandering Caravan is a staple of Khardish folklore. Tales tell of the strange and powerful items an individual might find if they are lucky enough to cross paths with this nomadic mystery. Skeptics suggest roaming bands of extraplanar desert folk as the true source of these stories, embellished over time. Yet, the description of the entities remains strangely consistent regardless of the tale’s age or origin:

  • A charming, blue-skinned air genasi
  • A graceful vishkanya woman with glittering, golden eyes
  • A pair of inquisitive halfling siblings ( portrayed as twins in some stories)
  • A terse half-orc
  • A genial human eager for news
  • A kindly, ageless elf

Whatever the truth of the matter, it is difficult to deny that those who claim to have seen the Wandering Caravan often have a magic treasure or two as proof of the encounter.

The Wandering Caravan

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