The Ushers of Seudihr


“You knew it, didn’t you? You knew it but you wouldn’t say! If we fail, that’s it…Seudihr will end it all.”—part of an argument overheard between Serina Nesiren and an old woman outside Fitche

The members of this group are agents of destruction and chaos. They seek to release the world-ending entity Seudihr by weakening the bonds that prevent it from crossing into the Prime Material. The Ushers and their scions are powerful in their own right, but perhaps the most dangerous aspect is the timescale on which they work. Their seeds of discord might take years to come to fruition—often too slowly for most mortals to identify a pattern. That is, until pieces begin to fall into place and their timelines accelerate.

Some scholars believe the Ushers take the form of dragons, pure representations of devastation. Others insist they are far more sinister, taking a humanoid shape to walk amongst their victims. Regardless of form, the Ushers are commonly known by their titles. Few know their true identities outside their inner circle.

The Punishing Wind

The Silent Rot—Velia of Corveth

The Lost Mind—General Irador of Rialdon

The Gentle One

The Ushers of Seudihr

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