The Knights Triumphant

“It is our duty to take this risk, to search out without defense or reserve. We cannot give up hope.”—Sir Adamar Erendriel, Knight of Cups, chosen of Lliira

The Knights Triumphant is a religious organization dedicated to recovering lost relics of the gods and their champions.  Several sub-sects currently exist or have existed within Caelvoran.

  Found in… Searching for…
Order of the Chalice Calicia Cup of Faith
Order of Staves Vier Kinderen Pillars of Earth
Order of Swords Eldoret Dreamblade
Order of Coins** Unknown Malediction Seal

**The Order of Coins was eliminated by a great calamity in the distant past, though records do not give much detail beyond that.  Rumor has it some members of the order survived and have continued in secret, though no proof has ever been brought forth to corroborate the claim

The Knights Triumphant

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