Sir Adamar Erendriel


“May you return with truth, with humility, with success. Lliira guide you in your quest.”—excerpt of a farewell speech by Sir Robin Gibbs, head of the Order of the Chalice (972-1003)

Sir Adamar left Calicia in 987 in search of the Cup of Faith. He is confirmed as spending a significant amount of time in Cardale in the year 998. The coastal city is believed to be the last documented whereabouts of the Knight of Cups before heading for the Witchwood, located in the territories that would eventually form Galiesia.

Erendriel was, by all accounts, in possession of the Cup when he left Cardale. Historians, however, are left only to speculate what purpose drew him north. Whatever the cause, it ultimately prevented Sir Adamar’s return and with him the Cup of Faith was lost.

During his brief interlude in Arborea, before being resurrected, Sir Bartleby of Calicia gained an audience with the former Knight of Cups . Over the course of their conversation, Adamar revealed that he had assistance in his journey from a mysterious companion and sometimes lover known as Aethelynd.

Sir Adamar Erendriel

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