"How to describe the city?  It is not just the oasis—the water—that brings life.  It is the music.  The food.  The vibrancy of the people.  To visit is dangerous.  I've lost many a friend there.  No, no.  They didn't die.  They simply decided never to return home." —Calician merchant Tor'kel Dreann

Fed by the waters of the Farwind Oasis, Mas'Uld is a veritable garden oasis on the fringe of the Demon's Hand Desert.  Due to a long history of trade with extraplanar entities, djinn, rakshasa, and even the occasional archon in the streets of Khard's capitol city rarely warrant a raised eyebrow from its natives.  Several centuries ago the head of the Mara'hid royal family issued the Bronze Titan Degree, effectively abolishing both magical and non-magical slavery.  The ensuing resistance culminated in the brief, brutal war known as the Djinn Backlash.   However, today the economy of Mas'Uld is thriving as both planar and extraplanar denizens have adjusted to the royal decree.  Unsurprisingly, the Mara'hid line remains popular with the common people.    

Satin Village

The well-established gambling houses, brothels, and spirit parlors in the Satin Village play host to myriad courtesans, escorts, and artists within Mas’Uld.

Shop/Location Name Type NPCs
Hall of Golden Lanterns Brothel
Temple of Corellon Religious
Iraia’s Bathhouse

Swan Plaza

Shop/Location Name Type NPCs

Orchid Row

Orchid Row is so named due to the colorful tents and stalls contained within its grand markets. To those in the know, it is also home to the headquarters of the Old Guard.

Shop/Location Name Type NPCs
Old Guard base Thieves’ Guild Riss (head)

Dulcet Isle

The intellectual heart of Mas’Uld lies in the Dulcet Isle. Home of the Grand Bibliotheca, Dorgeiros Hall, and Vyaq’s Gift. Many purveyors of finer arcane goods and services can also be found here.

Shop/Location Name Type NPCs
Grand Bibliotheca Library Majid Prasad Fi’kri (Master Librarian)
Dorgeiros Hall Auditorium Majid Prasad Priya (Fiseti troupe member)
Vyaq’s Gift Gardens

Onyx Walk

A majority of Mas’Uld’s finer craftsmen, armorers, and weaponsmiths can be found in the area known as the Onyx Walk. This is due in no small part to the fact that the Sanguine Arena can be found here. Local champions and hopefuls can often be found patronizing nearby taverns.

Shop/Location Name Type NPCs
Sanguine Arena Combat Coliseum
Temple of Moradin Religious


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