Iriswood University

“Any fool can know. The point is to understand.” —Professor Irfan Thulani, just before his mysterious disappearance

Iriswood’s location, nestled in a valley far from what most would consider civilization, has allowed academic research to progress relatively unhindered by such nuisances as politics or peasantry. Consequently, the university now boasts a talented, if somewhat eccentric, faculty of researchers with quite eclectic interests. Internships here are highly sought after and, following a spate of particularly rough years, intern deaths are now at an all-time low.


Shop/Location Name Type NPCs
Office of the Dean Office Dean Adva Sunan
Library n/a Wasim (Head Librarian), Idril (Help Desk)
Student Store & Gift Shop Magic Items Philander Pathcat


Shop/Location Name Type NPCs
Artifacts & Curses Academic/Office Karolina
History Academic/Office Prof. Riella, Prof. Oyvind
Planes Academic/Office Prof. Ordhi
Religion Academic/Office Prof. Langdon

College Towers

Shop/Location Name Type NPCs
College of Abjuration Academic Prof. Brither, Prof. Audreya
College of Evocation Academic Odallie, Prof. Nermeni
College of Divination Academic Ramona, Prof. Danwrick

Grounds & Environs

Shop/Location Name Type NPCs
Griffin Rookery Husbandry Sweetpea
Zephyr Barracks Housing Kristoff Estevan, Devlin
Guidehouse Housing Liesel Tenxan

Iriswood University

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