Cardale is a major trade hub on the shores of the Moondark Sea.  The port city is divided into a small Gilded Quarter, Midtown, and the Scums.

The Gilded Quarter

The Gilded Quarter boasts most of the artisans of Cardale. Here one can find handcrafted goods, temping delights imported from distant shores, patronize the local theatre, and admire the estates of the fabulously wealthy. The town's guard, headed by paladins of the Ivory Order of Faith, are based out of this portion of the city.

Shop/Location Name Type NPCs
Errie Fruits Provisions;Thieves' Guild Miirphys Errie (owner, Thieves' Guild: Goods & Services)
The Blue Rose Inn Nathey (owner); Kharkam (gambler); Elana (bard); Vessa Rosefall (Thieves' Guild: Information Broker)
Ivory Order of Faith Guard/Military Sorasta Dar'Shee (head); Lissa Il-Song (historian)
Silverlight Hall Brothel Madam Caribeth


A majority of Cardale's population call Mid-Town home. While not nearly as extravagant as the Gilded Quarter, a fair number of shops, pubs, inns, and diversionary activities can be found throughout.

Shop/Location Name Type NPCs
Temple of Pelor Religious Kymil Fenx (high priest); Brother Orym (gardener)
Tip Topple's Milliner; Thieves' Guild Tarazzo Topple (owner, Thieves' Guild: Fence)
Philosopher's Arms Inn  
Steelguard Smithy; Thieves' Guild Ghilan Themaris (owner); Tridgit Vartan (apprentice, Thieves' Guild: Contact); Arun Smith (apprentice)
Fox's Emporium Pawn/Trading  
Silver Axe Inn Galadon

The Scums

While Cardale elite prefer to refer to this area as "Harborside" its denizens have dubbed the locale "The Scums" for obvious reasons. Small hovels seem to defy the laws of physics with their density, and any person with an ounce of sense knows to watch their purse in the narrow alleys.

Shop/Location Name Type NPCs
Temple of Melora Religious  
Streets N/A Nur (urchin)
Hiuda's Sorcerous Oddities Pawn/Trading Hiuda (owner)
Broken Wand Pub  
Wyrm's Deceit Travel Captain Dorlynn (owner)
Green Garden Travel Captain Charvion (owner)


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