Order of the Tilling Hand

“Have you considered the quiet dignity of a life of constant toil?”—Brother Joriah

The Order of the Tilling Hand is a monastic order dedicated to public service.  When not training they spend their time aiding local farmers in their duties.

While the Order is ancient, it has undergone a significant amount of change since its inception. Founded as a noble order of warrior-monks dedicated to defending the common folk from the ravages of war and chaos, the Tilling Hand emphasized hard work, simple living, and charity while standing stalwart against any who would victimize the innocent. Over the past several centuries, however, the surrounding area has experienced an unprecedented level of peace, and the Tilling Hand's martial roots have been all but forgotten.

Today, the monastery functions largely as a repository of agricultural knowledge, a place for the faithful to gather at the summer and winter solstices, and a school for the farmers who wish their children to be able to read and write. The ancient techniques that made the monks of the Tilling Hand such fearsome warriors have been all but lost, recorded only in a few musty old scrolls tucked away in some forgotten corner of the library, waiting for the day that some overeager young novice might discover them…

Order of the Tilling Hand

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