Mara'hid Royal Family


“Blessings and burdens often come hand in hand.”—old Khardish saying 

The royal family of Khard currently sits under the rulership of Majid Aditi and Majid Baqui Mara’hid. Their fifteen children’s professions vary wildly from politicians to academics to a few black sheep that have abandoned the life of nobility entirely. Zaahir and So’asna, in particular, have not been seen in Khard for decades. Each member of the Mara’hid clan is gifted an artifact at birth. These extraordinarily powerful items are specially attuned to their recipient and are rendered useless in the hands of another.

Though the ruling family is popular with the people of Mas’Uld, they have had their share of struggles. The Djinn backlash was initiated in retaliation of Baqui’s Bronze Titan Decree which effectively abolished slavery in Khard. The resulting wars drained the coffers of both the state as well as the monarchy.

Members of the Royal Family

Name Role/Occupation
Baqi Mara’hid King of Khard
Aditi Mara’hid Queen of Khard
Arashtra Heir to the Throne
Fi’kri Master Librarian of the Mas’Uld Bibliotheca
So’asna Dragon Puncher
Wa’sim Indira Courtier
Faris Captain of the Royal Guard
Hasib Grand Ambassador
Rama Monk of the Burning Sands
Zaahir Queen of the Wave Riders
Chandra Royal Administrator
Vayu Archaeologist
Vidya Historian
Rasul Deceased (unconfirmed)
Priya Member of Fiseti (National Dance Company)
Jaya Acolyte of Bahamut
Mani Guardian of the Mara’hid Line

Mara'hid Royal Family

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