"Hard to tell what's bigger: them rocks stickin' up outta the desert or the tall tales 'bout how they got there." —caravan guide Chen Azzo


Due to the barriers posed by its physical terrain, the people of Khard have remained relatively isolated in comparison to the other nations of Caelvoran.  Legends tell of great beasts that stalk the desert, magical creatures that steal souls, and forgotten treasures lost to time.  Whatever truth, if any, lies in these claims did not deter the Order of the Chalice from establishing a small base of operations in what would eventually develop into the town of Calicia.


The Demon's Hand Desert, so named for the strange hoodoos littering the landscape, occupies much of central Khard.  The capitol city, Mas'Uld, is dependent on the Farwind Oasis as its primary water source in the arid desert climate.  The northern and southern reaches of Khard progress from desert to tablelands.  In the south these transition into thick, untamed jungle, culminating in the coastal marshes along the Sapphire Sea.


The autocracy of Khard is ruled by the elven Mara'hid family.  Longevity of life, coupled with a prolific and magically gifted lineage, has created one of the most stable political climes in all Caelvoran.  Fortunately, the royal family is well-liked by the general populace.  In recent years the eldest and first in line for the throne, Arashtra, has begun sowing the seeds to convert Khard from a monarchy, believing that more power should be put into the hands of its people.





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