Ice Demons


“I find myself increasingly irritated by their absolute contempt for the concept of law. Please see to it.”—letter excerpt from Celegon Lavanor to the provincial steward of the Nimbus Vales

The Ice Demons of western Galiesia continue to be a thorn in the side of the leadership of the Nimbus Vales. The outlaw group traces its roots back to the years following the Vodelith Accord. Soldiers returning from the War of Red Waters not only found it difficult to reintegrate into their homes, but in many cases their families were unable to support themselves in the soldier’s absence. Today, the Ice Demons are composed primarily of disillusioned and embittered former military personnel, their families, and descendants of the group’s original founders.

These small, nomadic clans travel throughout the Vales, but their primary territory ranges from the outskirts of Kellabine south to the Raventhistle Moors. Their tactics rely primarily on quick, strategic raids assisted by illusion magic to misdirect and conceal until they have fallen upon their targets.

Ice Demons

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