“Magic is magic even if you know how it's done.” —lamplighter Calardan Pegg


It was not until Rialdon began its aggressive expansion northward that the Galiesian territories formally united under a single banner.  Years of skirmishes, culminating in decades-long all out warfare, underwrite the current state of uneasy peace between the two nations.  Although nearly a century has passed since the Vodelith Accords ceded much of the southern territories to Rialdon's control, citizens still chafe at its mention and continue to identify as loyal Galiesians while paying lip-service to the Rialdon crown.


Galiesia's naval strength should come as no surprise given the volume of the nation comprised of islands or rugged coastline.  Further inland the coastal mountains give way to gently sloping plains interspersed with bog and marsh.  Mount Windcap rises in the west, the highest point in Galiesia.  Nestled at its base is Kellabine, the last point of civilization before entering the Wailing Valley (so named for the sound of the wind as it drives between Mount Windcap and Gianttop).  In the valley lies Iriswood University, home to more eccentric academics who prefer to conduct their research largely unaffected by Galiesian politics in Tandarrah.


The Galiesian body politic is ruled by the Council of Voices in the capitol city of Tandarrah.  When council is not in session its representatives are tasked with the duties of regional governance and are, in fact, required to spend a minimum of three months annually in their respective provinces.  However, ask any local Galiesian and they'll tell you the provincial stewards are the ones who make the real decisions.





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