Six generations ago, four of the noble houses of Corveth attempted a bloody coup against the ruling house Stanimir.  What these families did not count on was that only a vocal minority actually supported the uprising.  The assassination of Emperor Talisen Stanimir sparked a rebellion that was crushed within a matter of weeks.  His wife, Mellony, used the opportunity to consolidate power and move the capitol from Finzel to Merchevo.  With the abrupt exodus of the nobility to Merchevo, the old city floundered and has since been reclaimed by the Corvethi wilds, 


The extreme southern reaches of Corveth are largely tundra, though moving east this transforms into a land of small frigid seas surrounded by low mountains.  In the center of these lies Vier Kinderen, home of the Order of Staves, a sect of the Knights Triumphant.  The Frostmeade river flows through most of central Corveth.  Its floodplains and fertile lowlands are the breadbasket of the nation.  To the east and west dense forests dominate the landscape.  While several attempts have been made to tame the Corvethi wilderness, these have largely proved unsuccessful at best and disastrous at worst.


The lords of Corveth have divided the land into nearly a dozen fiefdoms of varying sizes.  Each owes fealty to the Corvethi empress—an intensely pious woman, well-respected by military and gentry alike.  For the most part, Empress Brielle grants a large amount of autonomy to the land's lords and ladies.  Except in matters of state interest or security, the court in Merchevo remains largely uninvolved in the daily business of the Corvethi nobility.


  • Merchevo
  • Nid


  • Finzel



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