Tag: relic


  • Cordyceps

    Cordyceps formerly belonged to the hero [[Charles Gilbratore | Charles Gilbratore]]. [[:chari-eleanor-cross | Chari Cross]] attempted to remove whatever curse was upon the sword, only to discover the object possessed some level of sentience.

  • Gilded Lute of Woven Hearts

    According to legend, the Gilded Lute once belonged to fabled bard AlĂ­reth Silvergleam. It is said that with the beauty of its song the elf was able to move not just the living, but could coax even the dead back from the grave. In truth, the lute _was_ …

  • Persistence, Edge of Endings

    Once belonging to the efreet assassin, Ditaldiih, it is said the blade allowed its bearer to pursue their quarry with a terrifying, almost indomitable determination. According to legend, the efreet never left a contract unfulfilled while wielding this …