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  • The Knights Triumphant

    "It is our duty to take this risk, to search out without defense or reserve. We cannot give up hope."--Sir Adamar Erendriel, Knight of Cups, chosen of Lliira

    The Knights Triumphant is a religious …

  • Sir Adamar Erendriel

    [[File:749264 | class=media-item-align-none | portrait_by_takeda11-d7q8sjx.jpg]]

    "May you return with truth, with humility, with success. Lliira guide you in your quest."--excerpt of a farewell speech by Sir …

  • Sir Bartleby of Calicia

    Oh, hey! I, uh, yeah, I didn't see you there. How's it going? Want a drink? No? Well, okay, then. Um... So, my name's Bartleby. Of Calicia, yeah. That's important now, I guess. They, uh, they call me the Knight of Cups? Which is cool, I guess. I'm one …