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  • Mara'hid Royal Family

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    "Blessings and burdens often come hand in hand."--old Khardish saying& …

  • Hollow Thorn

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    "What a strange request you make. You cannot find what does not exist." --overheard on the streets of Jarrow


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    "We thrive. In this small jewel we work and we toil, yes, but its people thrive. Their spirits are lifted by the knights and we are …

  • The Wandering Caravan

    [[File:843841 | class=media-item-align-none | irath_wagon_by_frankhong-d7gadck.jpg]] The Wandering Caravan is a staple of Khardish folklore. Tales tell of the strange and powerful items an individual might find if they are lucky enough to cross paths …