Ninety-Nine Problems

Session 65: Myconids & Mold


In the morning the Dragon Punchers set out to find the source of the Eaters. Creeping through to the upper floors of the Greenhouse they came upon an enormous razor fern that had abandoned its post. Bluffing their way past the plant, the crew gained entrance to a spiral staircase leading to a room overgrown with moss, ferns, and vines. Hidden within lay a chest of gems containing a deadly surprise. Jinn was rather concerned when an arrow sprouted from his chest—more so when it could not be pulled out.

After a painful emergency surgery the party continued on. The winding pollen-and-spore-filled depths led them to the origin of the Eaters’: a fungal nymph controlling the host of vegepygmies and mold wretches. Her destruction caused the remaining creatures to fall into a frenzied confusion, attacking friend and foe alike.

Before the group could recover, Chari decided to venture forth through a recently revealed passage. The young monk found herself in a chamber with an enormous statue of the efreet Prismarc. The sound of rushing water beckoned from further in. However, no more than a few steps out of the entry she heard the soft tell-tale “click” of a trap being triggered and vapors began to pour into the room.

Session 64: Pollen & Polymorph
"I can make my famous five-bean soup"


The Sovereign of the myconid colony informed the Dragon Punchers that they were at odds with entities known as “Eaters”. These creatures attacked the village, consuming and turning its denizens. The party offered to assist in exchange for guidance to the next level of the Oubliette.

Inside the corridors and tunnels, thick with pollen and spores, a strange amber slime trail led to a bizarre-looking tree in the middle of one of the upper chambers. Sir Bartleby sensed the entity’s fiendish nature and was not taken in by the deception. However, a mind-controlled Jinn fell upon the party before the paladin could act, nearly taking out Wilf.

Tensions were high after the creature was banished. Jinn revealed the enchantment he’d been under, voicing concerns about the party’s survivability and Mani’s continued involvement in their adventures. Wilf expressed frustration over how the party had handled the situation with Micah and Cordyceps.

During this exchange Chari noticed strange lights off in the distance, coming from the direction of the myconid colony. Recognizing what was likely spellcasting from Mani, the Dragon Punchers sprang into action. A battle raged between the myconid villagers and the “Eaters”—a particularly aggressive strain of vegepygmies. Mani had been caught in the middle. With the party’s help, and an inspired polymorph potion, the Eaters were driven back.

Yet, the party knew the village was not safe. They would need to locate and destroy the host spores to end the threat once and for all.

Session 63: Fountains & Fungi
"This has really ruined '50 Shades of Flay'"


Opening the door revealed a circular room. The walls held elaborate tapestries depicting various of the efreet’s encounters with monsters large and small. Several constructs stood watch over geared pedestals. These mechanisms caused the rooms of the dungeon to rotate and, occasionally, activated the constructs within.

Through trial and error the Dragon Punchers opened the first room they’d encountered. Inside they found panels showing Prismarc sentencing individuals to the oubliette. Prising them off revealed a secret compartment and a small cache of potions. To Bart’s dismay, he discovered the oversized mirror revealed the hidden horrors within the dungeon.

The party methodically made their way through the other chambers. Jinn and Chari struggled with a series of pit traps while Mani, Wilf, and Sir Bartleby investigated a room full of strange fountains. The paladin made the gastronomically questionable choice to sample them. One, he quickly learned, flowed with poisoned water. The other, however, seemed fine.

The group reunited to try and quite literally puzzle their way out. In the process they managed to release an allip and several poltergeists—victims of the dungeon driven to madness and suicide by their inability to escape. Wilf dispatched the allip while Bart managed to turn the other haunts. Taking advantage of momentary peace, the party hurriedly moved into the brass column to the floor below.

The brassy ground quickly gave way to mushrooms, moss, and other plant matter. Through trial and error they learned not all the flora around them was benign. After taking a moment to recuperate they forged forward into the swampy land. To their surprise, the Dragon Punchers found themselves face to face with a small, timid fungal creature and an invitation to the myconid village it called home.

Session 62: Banshees & Boulders
"Is there necromancer in my beard?"


Almost immediately Jinn and Chari found themselves separated from the rest of the party after a wall sealed up behind them. Wilf, Mani, and Sir Bartleby tried to find a way around while the rogue and monk forged ahead. The sealed off room led to a doorway and set of stairs downward. The floor below showed signed of compromised architecture, but the more pressing concern was the banshee they summoned while investigating a strange, blank book in one of the lower rooms.

Searching for treasure led the others to an encounter with a gelatinous cube, wherein Wilf found himself in a rather sticky situation. Further in they discovered a room full of disturbing statues. Rather than investigate what lay beyond, they moved deeper into the complex where Bart set off several traps, to his party’s dismay.

Eventually the group reunited in front of a puzzling door. After some trial and error the Dragon Punchers gained access to a long, winding stairwell opening into a hallway of brass and amber light. Dodging their way through a trapped corridor, the party discovered two doorways. The southernmost entry was blocked off by a wall, leaving the group no choice but to examine the northern portal.

Session 61: Lava & Lost
"Adventuring is butts"


Within the second level of the oubliette the Dragon Punchers and Mani located a room barricaded from the outside. Within, they found a small skeleton with a backpack of equipment. The drawings on the wall and the faint sound of crying led them to believe that a child had been left behind and never recovered.

The party moved on to find an equally grim room with evidence of false doors and a failed desperate escape. Jinn discovered, quite by accident, the Prismarc Oubliette was rather dark in both a figurative and literal sense, while narrowly avoiding capture by a fallen paladin. Bart was forced to dispatch the thing. However, the group was unable to permanently put it to rest without the poor creature’s body.

In a chamber dominated by a large statue of the efreeti Prismarc, Jinn’s attempt to prise a diamond out of the sculpture led to a somewhat disastrous encounter involving Chari’s summoned fog cloud, hot lava, and a mad fire elemental. Once again feeling a bit worse for wear, the Dragon Punchers elected to take a moment collect themselves.

Session 60: Curtains & Combustion
"I hope they have new and exciting traps!"


The group set about investigating the den of the sand trolls they’d encountered earlier. They emerged with little to show for their troubles, save a few soiled and threadbare tapestries. Deeper in, they discovered a handful of dungeon cacti, a pair of strange statues, and Mani’s apparent claustrophobia.

Perhaps their most bizarre encounter, however, was a series of animate glyphs. The party scattered after their first run-in with the entities. Bart and Mani found themselves in a chamber with the vampiric mist the paladin had previously turned. With a flash of brilliant holy light he quickly put an end to it. Chari and Jinn found themselves in a room with a pair of corpses. However, when they left the duo came face-to-face with (presumed defeated) flameskull sentinels. Despite her reduced size, Chari and Jinn made quick work of them and were shortly joined by Wilf, who had fled back to a saferoom deeper in the oubliette.

The party reconvened and made a second attempt through the rune guardians’s chamber. Chari had a little trouble with the encounter, but it was nothing Bart couldn’t take care of. The crew chose to press onward, giving Jinn one more stab at the trapped doors they’d seen earlier. He skillfully disarmed them and allowed entrance to a seemingly innocuous room full of broken pottery and hidden treasure. However, upon their exit Wilf unwittingly set off a series of fireballs that nearly killed Mani.

Taking this as a sign, the party returned—battered, burned, and beaten—to the main entrance to regroup and recover.

Items Acquired

Potions Magic Items Other Coin
Dungeon Cacti (x3)
Platinum & jacinth bracelet (4550g)
Session 59: Traps & Translation
"Next time, I'll go first"


The twins, Mani, and the Dragon Punchers leapt into the the opening and found themselves in an ancient stone room with an enormous, partially destroyed statue. Chari’s instincts led them to the remains of an unfortunate adventurer. The party salvaged what they could before moving on to explore the next room.

Before they could get too far, Jinn casually mentioned the dossier from the cultist’s base and likely assassins pursuing his sister. Mani was visibly upset—first at Jinn, and then at Sir Bartleby when Jinn revealed the knight had known since leaving Mas’Uld weeks ago. The couple agreed to table the discussion until the current mission was completed.

The corridors showed bas-reliefs of woefully underprepared individuals pitted against a panoply of creatures and traps, all overseen by an efreet noble. A translation of symbols gave the twins the final piece they needed. “Hope forces the hand. Closer to freedom, greater the risk. All that you bear is forgiven.” Vidya and Vayu believed the group had stumbled upon the legendary Prismarc Oubliette. The way ahead would be incredibly dangerous, as the Dragon Punchers soon discovered.

After a few close encounters with the oubliette’s denizens, the party decided to fall back and recuperate before facing whatever lay deeper in.

Session 58: Shades & Sandstorms
"I have special powers. I know exactly what they do."


After a touching and tearful farewell to his family, Bart and his companions set out from Calicia to find the fabled chalice.

The trek through the desert provided an opportunity for the rest of the Dragon Punchers to get to know Vidya and Vayu. The twins were thrilled at the prospect of recovering a lost artifact. They proved less adept when the party inadvertently crashed into an ankheg nest while sheltering from a sandstorm.

Deeper into the Glittering Wastes the group found the remains of a long-abandoned outpost left over from the days of the Djinn Backlash. In the middle of the night, while on watch, Sir Bartleby discovered it was inhabited by the shades of Khardish soldiers reliving their final moments. The paladin did his best to release their souls and put them to rest.

When they arrived at the location the group was left baffled. It seemed, for all intents and purposes, to be an unremarkable patch of desert. Yet, Wilf was certain he detected some sort of portal below the surface. After interrogating a local patch of desert cherry, the ranger determined that three individuals had visited the site over a decade ago. The plant’s description was somewhat hazy, but he was able to gain that the group was comprised of a smaller creature and two larger entities, one with “red leaves and petals” and one “the color of the sands”.

Through a combination of brute strength, magic, and ingenuity Sir Bartleby and Chari uncovered an entrance into whatever lay below.

Session 57: Samples & Siblings
"There was some talking and some 'hero stuff'"


The Dragon Punchers met Sir Bartleby in his office in the headquarters of the Order of the Chalice. The paladin was eager to escape his official duties and offered to give his companions a tour of the city. Along the way, Bart took the party to meet his parents, who offered the group beds and a home-cooked meal. The crew was happy to oblige.

The rest of Bart’s tour covered a day of wine-tasting, including a stop at the Thunderbird’s Respite, the winery where he began his hero’s journey. During one of their stops the paladin pulled Jinn aside to warn him of the cultists’ dossiers on the royal family—including Mani. Both agreed the princess should be alerted, but that it was not prudent to do so at the moment. The Dragon Punchers also had the opportunity to meet Sir Bartleby’s younger sister, Charlotte, her partners Violet and An’iel, and her son, Ni’coh.

While still in Calicia Chari asked Bart to help with her recent nightmares. The paladin agreed and took the monk to speak with the oracles within Citadel Oinone. Speaking in mysterious riddles and prophecy, the seers answered Chari’s questions, though she did not particularly understand them.

The moment comes that the fire burns blue
In the Plain of Prisms when the moon is crowned
Light will come to lifeless eyes
A golden-haired man will usher an end to an era of fortune
and two enemies shall bring rise
to that which was forgotten

The pair had little time to dwell on the matter. Shortly after returning to his parents’ home the peace was broken by the arrival of two more of Jinn’s siblings: the twins Vaya and Vidyu Mara’hid

Session 56: Caravans & Cacti
"Tentin' hard, or hardly tentin'?"


Bart and Mani set out into the desert to perform the ritual to summon Marley back to the Prime Material. During that time the paladin and the princess embarked on a spiritual journey together. Bartleby underwent the trials of Arborea. Afterwards, he and Mani journeyed through parts of Elysium in the hopes that the favored soul might find some peace with her patron.

The rest of the Dragon Punchers relied on Tulai to guide them through the desert. Chari awoke one morning to find her basilisk egg had hatched, though the creature was nowhere in sight. Jinn followed its tiny tracks and rescued Blinky from a den of ankhegs. No sooner had Jinn returned than the party was accosted by a group of hostile cactus-like creatures. Wilf attempted to reason with them, but their approach inadvertently set off a previous casting of cordon of arrows, causing the creatures to attack.

Stranger than the cactor was the encounter with the The Wandering Caravan. The afternoon spent with the troupe was filled with enthralling stories and a hearty meal before the artifact of the desert disappeared once more. Before they departed, the Dragon Punchers were permitted to browse the caravan’s wares and barter their way into new equipment.

Upon arrival in Calicia the group made their way to Citadel Oinone to find Sir Bartleby and Mani.


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