Ninety-Nine Problems

Session 45: Business & Breakfast
"You're a criminal disguised as a prince"


The party, shaken by the encounter, went their separate ways after securing Micah below Alderth Hold.

Chari sought out Wilwood at the temple of Sarenrae. She hoped that the cleric could provide guidance, ease her mind, or otherwise help make sense of the awful things that had befallen her and her friends. Not finding concrete answers, she roamed outside the city walls. There the young monk spoke her piece to the gods before resolving to find her own way—without their help. Emotionally spent, Chari arrived at Isabella Driftlace’s office asking to stay with her for the night. Reading the heartache in the request, the teifling obliged.

Jinn quickly took Marley to the Wilmont-Burke estate to inform their friends of what had passed. They were rightfully concerned and offered what help they were able, along with their condolences. Next, the prince went to find Esper Sherman to speak of plans of succession in Jarrow. His second request, that she take some time off to recover and process from the ordeal in Eabhan Keep, was less well received.

Bart took solace in his cups. Jinn found the paladin on his second bottle of spirits in an alley somewhere in the Low Markets. The two slowly made their way back to the estate where Bart deposited him in a front room for Mani to handle. When he awoke later in the evening, with a spectacular hangover, the two spoke at length on the nature of the divine and the difficulties of being touched by the gods.

With Bart taken care of, Jinn went to track down his sister Zaahir. By challenging her to (and cheating at) a drinking competition, he was able to secure the help of the Queen of the Wave Runners in safeguarding access to Tilesía until the Dragon Punchers were able to arrive.

The next day the party met at Irador‘s corpse to collect their tower and discuss their next course of action. Bart sent messages to Messeneth and met with the merchant princes in town. The Knight of Cups was pleased to make inroads towards peace talks between Galiesia and Rialdon. Chari went to the Tower at Fallen Hill. She and Soma, a recruit the group had met during their last stay in Jarrow, searched Irador’s office for clues to the whereabouts of his hoard. Instead, she found a way crystal in a hidden desk compartment. Meanwhile, JInn and Aered searched the library for information on who—or what—-Aethelynd was.

The next day at their breakfast meeting the Dragon Punchers resolved to visit Fitche to fulfill the first part of their quest to destroy Cordyceps. From there they would follow the way crystal presumably northward. However, as Chari returned to her room to prepare a familiar face greeted her: Calla, accompanied by a strange man.

Items Acquired

Potions Magic Items Other Coin
Way Crystal
Session 44: Mercy & Massacre
"Between you, me, and the wall? That sucked."


Everyone was overjoyed to see Micah when he awoke. They cautioned him to take things easy, but were glad that their friend had made it through the ritual with no ill effects. Their fears alleviated, the rest of the group set about taking care of business.

Sir Bartleby went to check up on their allies, to both thank them for their service as well as keep them abreast of the latest developments. Kamin was glad to hear that the Dragon Punchers had made it through relatively unscathed. The Kordites, too, had passed through the battle with minimal losses. However, while they would not withdraw their support, Kamin expressed concern that working with the party was dangerous for her people.

Chari met with Esper Sherman to discuss the terms which the monk had extended the cultists during the battle. The leader of the guard made it clear she was not particularly pleased to be granting amnesty to anyone, and ensured Chari understood her responsibility for their actions while under her rehabilitation plan.

In the market square, in the center of the Harvest Festival, Irador’s head lay on display for all to see. Many of the Dragon Punchers allies were gathered amongst the common people to view the event about to unfold. Jinn, however, was nowhere to be seen. Unfortunately, Chari and Bart were unable to move the crowd with their speeches. Things appeared to be going south until Esper Sherman stepped in. She assured the agitated masses that the heroes in front of them spoke the truth. A few cultists stepped forward to seek amnesty—including a cleverly disguised Jinn. Chari escorted them to Alderth Hold to begin the rehabilitation process. As the crowd dispersed Bart met up with Mani and the two enjoyed some time together at the festival.

The next day Micah was anxious to leave Jarrow for the next leg of adventure. Sir Bartleby, however, explained that the Dragon Punchers still had quite a bit of business to take care of before they could leave. Satisfied his friend would listen to reason, Bart went to check up on Zerin Landri. The wizard was spending a quiet afternoon reading in an inn. Bart inquired about his well-being after having died in the fight. Zerin assured the Knight of Cups that he’d had his fill of adventuring and did not need recognition. He did, however, agree to help the party a bit more in their efforts to cross continents.

Unwilling to listen to Bart’s advice to take it easy, Micah went to the Eastern Cross to recruit members of the local chapter of the Steel Fist. The situation escalated quickly. Bart received a missive at the Wilmont-Burke estate summoning him to Alderth Hold. There Esper explained that Micah had killed six people down at the docks and was currently being held in the cells below. Shocked and confused, the paladin made his way down to join Chari and Jinn (still disguised as a cultist in the cell). As the party tried to understand Micah’s actions it became apparent that something was wrong with their friend. Or, more accurately, it seemed they weren’t speaking with Micah at all.

The horrifying truth revealed, the Dragon Punchers realized that they needed to move their friend to a more secure location for the safety of all. Cordyceps was vicious. Its accusations dug deep as party struggled to subdue and shackle their friend’s body. Quietly, painfully, they emerged from the solitary cells of Alderth Hold without him.

Session 43: Resurrection & Revelation
"I'm memorable!"


Chari sped off towards Jarrow to ensure the security of Esper Sherman and her men. Upon arriving at Alderth Hold she found a portion of the garrison at odds with a group of cultists holed up in one of the outbuildings. Smashing through the roof and killing one of their members, Chari convinced the group to surrender before dashing off to the tower. She found the head of guard dispatch battling two more cultists. The warrior and the young monk made quick work of them and, in the brief moments following, Chari brought her up to speed on the situation.

Meanwhile, Sir Bartleby and Jinn brought Micah’s body to the Temple of Sarenrae. Jinn demanded a few of the recovering Kordites in the temple find Kamin and put her in touch with them. Baffled and somewhat taken aback, they agreed. Chari returned as Wilwood prepared the ritual, finally allowing an opportunity to properly meet the woman who had saved their lives. Her name was Mani. And she was Jinn’s sister.

With the sigils complete, the remaining Dragon Punchers surrounded their fallen friend. Each, in turn, offered something up to bring back the soul of their companion. Tense moments passed. Finally, Micah gasped for air and color returned to his cheeks, though he still did not wake. Bart summoned Marley and the group returned to the Wilmont-Burke estate to recover.

That evening, the adventurers requested Lady Anjah Wilmont-Burke and her wife Tabitha Burke join them at the estate. The party was joined by another unexpected guest—-Zaahir Mara’hid. The Dragon Punchers were terribly excited to see not only their friends but to meet another member of Jinn’s newly-revealed royal family. The festivities continued well into the night until, one-by-one, the heroes retired to a well-earned night’s sleep.

Session 42: Frost & Fatality
"You don't need pants to be a hero"


In the morning the Dragon Punchers reconvened to create a battle plan. Esper was to collect those still loyal and defend the city from internal threats, potentially evacuating if needed. In an effort to prepare the citizens for the upcoming catastrophe the group went throughout Jarrow spreading rumors of the war, its ties to the cult and the Ushers, and General Irador’s true draconic nature.

Bad news continued when the group visited the Kordites. While there they learned that Erix had been assassinated in the months after they left Jarrow. The Dragon Punchers swore to avenge his death and brought the Kordites up to speed on what had been happening to them in the past year. With this news Sir Bartleby went to warn Wilwood at the temple of Sarenrae about both the cult and the upcoming battle.

With their preparations made and messages sent, including a plead to Messeneth to resume peace talks, the Dragon Punchers set up their tower and waited for Irador to arrive. The fog of war rolled in to the fields outside Jarrow where the party awaited their quarry. A great battle ensued between the two powers. As the dust settled the Dragon Punchers rose triumphant, but at great cost. Bart emerged from the battlefield with Micah’s broken body in his arms…

Session 41: Vintage & Veto
"It only needs to go as deep as his heart"


The party returned to Kinallen Glen where they planned to briefly rest and to recuperate before signalling the mages at Iriswood University. Micah returned to the hall of the Steel Fist to receive the guild’s decision. Unfortunately, based on Whistler’s report, the adventuring group declined his application—citing a need for increased competence in several areas. Feeling somewhat dejected, he returned to the inn where Chari and Bart greeted him with cake and assurances that he had their vote of confidence.

The rest of the party retired early in anticipation of their trip through Jarrow. Bart, however, could not sleep knowing that the Thieves’ Guild was operating unchecked in the town. Late in the evening he went to inform the captain of the outpost what had been occurring right under her nose.

In the morning the party joined Esper Sherman and her men outside the city. The group looked on in horror as Micah unfurled the scroll of sending from the university and failed to properly execute the incantation, effectively destroying their only hope of quickly traveling to Jarrow. After some haggling with Gafolern Skallyn, including an agreement to serve for one mission with the Steel Fist, Bart was able to secure a sending to Adva Sunan at Iriswood University.

Through Zerin, the wizard who originally brought them to Kinallen Glen, the entire group was transported to the teleportation circle within the Tower at Fallen Hill. Using Irador’s forged sigil the Dragon Punchers bluffed their way out of the building. Esper’s men were given false orders and sent into the city to lay low while Esper, Zerin, and the rest of the party made their way through hightown and eventually to the estate of none other than Tabitha and Lady Anjah Wilmont-Burke. With the ladies’ permission, the group decided to use the manor as their base of operations while in Jarrow.

While Bart set about tending to the practical aspects of the upcoming battle, such as bringing Esper up to speed on their combat strategy and procuring potions, weapons, and armor, Chari, Micah, and Jinn went about their own errands. Chari made her way down to the docks where she was surprised to see Isabella Driftlace. The tiefling had not left Jarrow, but was glad to see that her friend was still in good health after extensive adventuring. Meanwhile, Micah tracked down Alphalon the Bard. The minstrel had enjoyed some success upon returning to the city, but was reticent to actually join the group in adventuring.

As the first day in Jarrow came to a close, the reality of the impending battle set in. Bart uncorked the wine he had made with Lliira’s grapes and everyone had a small drink before retiring. Or, in Thunderstrike’s case, spontaneously combusting.

Session 40: Goats & Gallows
"I think your soul's probably okay"


Micah and Whistler scouted ahead through the marshy Holm coastline to clear the path for the wagon of wounded and Esper’s small cadre of soldiers. Jinn, Chari, and SIr Bartleby stayed behind with the caravan to ensure its safety. Jinn expertly navigated the group through patches of dangerous mire nettle while Sir Bartleby kept the ox calm in the face of dangerous swamp predators. Chari, perched among the trees and watching for trouble, even discovered a set of melted armor with a few gems hidden within the slag.

The nights passed relatively uneventfully, though Chari continued to spot a mysterious creature deep in the woods. She couldn’t be sure what it was, but it seemed to be following the group. Meanwhile, Jinn seemed to be coming down with something awful. What had initially started as a niggling hunger progressed to difficulty breathing and eventually painfully burning skin. Bart was convinced a malign entity was stalking—and tormenting—his friend. The paladin created a magically warded circle for the rogue to wait in while the group spread out to investigate.

Jinn, however, found himself unable to stay put when the sounds of battle echoed throughout the forest. He rushed in to find his party fighting against an enormous tree with gallows-like vines puppeting a horde of zombies. As members of the Dragon Punchers fell and their souls were forcibly pulled from their bodies it became clear that something else was in the woods with them. Chari ran off to face it, leaving Jinn and Sir Bartleby to the leafy abominations.

With the help of Esper and Marley, the creatures were defeated and the lantern goat was stopped before it could consume anyone’s soul. Marley, however, fell in battle defending Esper and Jinn. The dust settled and the party regrouped at camp. This time, surely, they would get a good night’s sleep.

Items Acquired

Potions Magic Items Other Coin
Potion of Lesser Healing (x2) Scroll of Sleep Armor slag w/assorted gems (500g )
Session 39: Plans & Punishment
"We have a very strict one-evil-sword limit"


Chari smelled blood. Suspecting trouble, the monk rushed to the main entrance where she discovered the remaining guards embroiled in combat against each other. The party quickly intervened. After subduing the survivors and apparent leader of the group Sir Bartleby set up a zone of truth and they set about interrogating the soldiers.

Some members of the outpost were confused by what had transpired, some had been following orders, and a few proved to be members of the dragon-worshiping cult. Bart provided swift justice for the last group. With the keep secure Chari went to retrieve Whistler.

In the morning the group debated their next course of action. They would return to Kinallen Glen with Esper. From there the Dragon Punchers would call upon their allies at Iriswood University to teleport them to Jarrow. In the fields surrounding the capitol the brave group of adventurers would reveal their keys and attempt to draw out Irador.

Session 38: Ruses & Rescue
"I was sure she was a cultist"


The moon glittered on the wet sand as the Dragon Punchers crept towards Eabhen Keep. Micah struggled for footing in the muck of low-tide and, for a brief moment, it seemed their rescue mission was destined to fail before they even entered the stronghold. Chari scouted ahead once they reached the rocky base. Slowly the party made their way upwards into the main building.

Through the cunning use of laundry the group ambushed a small group of guards, though inadvertently killing a cleric in the process. Using the information gathered from their ruse, the party made their way deeper into the old fortress and discovered a hidden wing. After facing down traps and fighting their way past two powerful cultists they found Esper Sherman lying unconscious in a concealed room.

Bart healed the woman and quickly they brought her up to speed as they made their way back through the keep’s halls. This time, they decided, the party would leave through the front gate.

Items Acquired

Potions Magic Items Other Coin
Horn of the Harvest Ceremonial armor 1000g
Gold canary w/blue diamond eyes
Platinum and onyx brooch
Embroidered gloves with gem chips
Session 37: Blazes & Backwoods
"I'm obligated to tell you cheating is wrong."


The Dragon Punchers made their way into the forests outside Kinallen Glen. Jinn trailed behind the party to ensure they weren’t followed, while Whistler, their kenku guide, led them towards Eabhen Keep. This journey would also serve as Micah’s trial for membership into the Steel Fist.

Deep in the forest the party came across a swarm of ettercaps. Dispatching them proved a simple task, but Whistler indicated the creatures’ presence was an omen of greater danger. During the night the party was attacked by a terrifying, ancient entity of the forest. In the heat of combat Micah inadvertently sparked a forest fire which quickly grew out of control, and the group was forced to flee with the ballista. They could only hope that their warning to Jinn would allow him to avoid the danger.

Emerging from boggy marshland to the edges of the tidelands, the Dragon Punchers got their first view of Eabhen Keep. The imposing structure stood alone in the midst of the Widow’s Flats, accessible by foot only at low water. The party made camp to await Jinn’s arrival and plan their next move.

Session 36: Bakeries & Ballistas
"We wouldn't create chaos wherever we go!"


The party arrived from Iriswood and headed into Kinallen Glen for one last stop before heading into the Dragonlight Fens to search for Esper. Bart sought out a guide at the local chapter of the Steel Fist, northern Rialdon‘s Adventurer’s Guild. Chari bought baked goods to distribute to local urchins in exchange for information. Jinn got in contact with the local Thieves’ Guild to warn them of trouble ahead.

Through a series of improbable and poorly-timed misadventures involving the local bakery, the party found themselves at odds with both the guild and each other.

In an effort to make amends with Sir Bartleby, Jinn and Chari went to the local garrison in hopes of finding a ballista. Using his copy of General Irador’s signet ring, Jinn successfully forged a requisition notice. The party would have the weapon, means of transport, and ammunition at their disposal.

Meanwhile, the Knight of Cups met with the baker’s cousin, Ellis. The man was a drunk, but claimed to have seen a dragon in the area. Following up on the lead, Bart learned that Ellis’s wife had died to a mysterious illness while visiting family in Steephallow. Pitying the man, the Lliiran paladinoffered to give him a new lease on life and induct him into the the Knights Triumphant as a member of the Order of the Chalice.

While preparing to retire for the evening Bart discovered a note tucked in amongst his effects. The letter explained that additional elements were required to destroy Cordyceps, but that the members of the Divination college had been unwilling to reveal them in front of a clearly agitated and unwilling Micah. Bart excitedly shared this information with Jinn before passing out for the night.

In the morning a grossly hungover Ellis was formally inducted as an acolyte and sent on his way to Calicia with Bart’s journal. The Dragon Punchers met their ballista and their guide from the Steel Fist and set out from the western gate in search of Eabhen Keep.


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