Ninety-Nine Problems

Session 41: Vintage & Veto

"It only needs to go as deep as his heart"


The party returned to Kinallen Glen where they planned to briefly rest and to recuperate before signalling the mages at Iriswood University. Micah returned to the hall of the Steel Fist to receive the guild’s decision. Unfortunately, based on Whistler’s report, the adventuring group declined his application—citing a need for increased competence in several areas. Feeling somewhat dejected, he returned to the inn where Chari and Bart greeted him with cake and assurances that he had their vote of confidence.

The rest of the party retired early in anticipation of their trip through Jarrow. Bart, however, could not sleep knowing that the Thieves’ Guild was operating unchecked in the town. Late in the evening he went to inform the captain of the outpost what had been occurring right under her nose.

In the morning the party joined Esper Sherman and her men outside the city. The group looked on in horror as Micah unfurled the scroll of sending from the university and failed to properly execute the incantation, effectively destroying their only hope of quickly traveling to Jarrow. After some haggling with Gafolern Skallyn, including an agreement to serve for one mission with the Steel Fist, Bart was able to secure a sending to Adva Sunan at Iriswood University.

Through Zerin, the wizard who originally brought them to Kinallen Glen, the entire group was transported to the teleportation circle within the Tower at Fallen Hill. Using Irador’s forged sigil the Dragon Punchers bluffed their way out of the building. Esper’s men were given false orders and sent into the city to lay low while Esper, Zerin, and the rest of the party made their way through hightown and eventually to the estate of none other than Tabitha and Lady Anjah Wilmont-Burke. With the ladies’ permission, the group decided to use the manor as their base of operations while in Jarrow.

While Bart set about tending to the practical aspects of the upcoming battle, such as bringing Esper up to speed on their combat strategy and procuring potions, weapons, and armor, Chari, Micah, and Jinn went about their own errands. Chari made her way down to the docks where she was surprised to see Isabella Driftlace. The tiefling had not left Jarrow, but was glad to see that her friend was still in good health after extensive adventuring. Meanwhile, Micah tracked down Alphalon the Bard. The minstrel had enjoyed some success upon returning to the city, but was reticent to actually join the group in adventuring.

As the first day in Jarrow came to a close, the reality of the impending battle set in. Bart uncorked the wine he had made with Lliira’s grapes and everyone had a small drink before retiring. Or, in Thunderstrike’s case, spontaneously combusting.



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