Ninety-Nine Problems

Session 40: Goats & Gallows

"I think your soul's probably okay"


Micah and Whistler scouted ahead through the marshy Holm coastline to clear the path for the wagon of wounded and Esper’s small cadre of soldiers. Jinn, Chari, and SIr Bartleby stayed behind with the caravan to ensure its safety. Jinn expertly navigated the group through patches of dangerous mire nettle while Sir Bartleby kept the ox calm in the face of dangerous swamp predators. Chari, perched among the trees and watching for trouble, even discovered a set of melted armor with a few gems hidden within the slag.

The nights passed relatively uneventfully, though Chari continued to spot a mysterious creature deep in the woods. She couldn’t be sure what it was, but it seemed to be following the group. Meanwhile, Jinn seemed to be coming down with something awful. What had initially started as a niggling hunger progressed to difficulty breathing and eventually painfully burning skin. Bart was convinced a malign entity was stalking—and tormenting—his friend. The paladin created a magically warded circle for the rogue to wait in while the group spread out to investigate.

Jinn, however, found himself unable to stay put when the sounds of battle echoed throughout the forest. He rushed in to find his party fighting against an enormous tree with gallows-like vines puppeting a horde of zombies. As members of the Dragon Punchers fell and their souls were forcibly pulled from their bodies it became clear that something else was in the woods with them. Chari ran off to face it, leaving Jinn and Sir Bartleby to the leafy abominations.

With the help of Esper and Marley, the creatures were defeated and the lantern goat was stopped before it could consume anyone’s soul. Marley, however, fell in battle defending Esper and Jinn. The dust settled and the party regrouped at camp. This time, surely, they would get a good night’s sleep.

Items Acquired

Potions Magic Items Other Coin
Potion of Lesser Healing (x2) Scroll of Sleep Armor slag w/assorted gems (500g )



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