Ninety-Nine Problems

Session 33: Research & Revelry

"I'm the professor of sex and lockpicking."


Esper Sherman‘s response to the party’s message was both heartening and alarming. While the head of guard dispatch was still alive, she was being held captive in a keep somewhere in northern Rialdon. Moreover, she claimed that the military leadership had been compromised. The party knew they had little time to lose.

Micah, taking advantage of the downtime, decided to reach out and attempt a conversation with his sword. Cordyceps assured the young warrior that he was chosen for a reason. The weapon explained that, while the rest of the Dragon Punchers may not approve or understand Micah’s call to greatness, it would always support him.

Recognizing the need for powerful allies, Jinn set about laying the groundwork for a visit from Jacques Paris, a fantastic adventuring academic designed to persuade the faculty and board of the necessity of their help.

The celebration Jinn orchestrated was a smashing success. Bart’s Lliiran sermon was well received by staff, faculty, and students alike. Chari, however, was in no mood to celebrate. The young elf excused herself from the party early on in the evening, leaving the rest of her companions to their revelry (and heartfelt confessions) well into the early hours of the morning.



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