Ninety-Nine Problems

Session 28: Crime & Catastrophe

"How much food do you have in your pants?"


The group split to explore Kellabine and take care of personal business. Chari and Jinn sought out means of long-distance communication. Shopping concluded, Jinn made his way to the fair in Tremack circle. There he met a dwarven fortune-teller who gave him an unexpected, and eerily accurate, reading.

Meanwhile, Sir Bartleby brought the captive Ice Demons to local law enforcement. However, after receiving a bounty for turning over Ashlyn and the sorcerer, the paladin elected not to mention the involvement of his two new acolytes, Quoyora and Tulai, in the outlaw gang. Entrusting the pair with his adventuring journal and their friend’s bounty money, Bart sent them to Calicia to be formally inducted into the Order of the Chalice.

Micah decided to have Cordyceps inspected. If the weapon was actually cursed, perhaps Kellabine was the place to have it removed. Unfotunately, the sword seemed to have other plans. The scene Micah returned to was truly horrific. The shopkeeper, crushed from the inside, lay in a puddle of black ichor in the shape of a strange sigil.

The ensuing comedy of errors culminated in Micah’s interrogation by the head of the guard in the middle of the night, Jinn slaying Thunderstrike, Professor Iri leaving the company of the Dragon Punchers, and Bart becoming lost in the surrounding lands while searching for Chari. All things considered, the trip could have gone better.



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