Gilded Lute of Woven Hearts

A perfectly-tuned lute of expert craftsmanship

musical instrument

This deep mahogany lute features a beautiful green and gold leaf motif winding over and up the neck of the instrument, ending in delicate, leaf-shaped tuning pegs. The strings themselves are also of a golden material and show no signs of wear despite the lute’s age.


According to legend, the Gilded Lute once belonged to fabled bard AlĂ­reth Silvergleam. It is said that with the beauty of its song the elf was able to move not just the living, but could coax even the dead back from the grave.

In truth, the lute was owned by Silvergleam. While in the Feywild the well-intentioned—but desperate—adventurer made a bargain with a Leanan Sidhe in exchange for the enchanted instrument. This pact proved fatal. Use of the instrument over time seemed to drain the bard of her life force.

Gilded Lute of Woven Hearts

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