Sakesu Windrider

A lost ranger rediscovered


Sakesu Windrider was an adept ranger and member of The Unbreakable Blades. He originally came across Gnani Bhekar while hunting in the Imperial Woods outside Finzel. The two became fast friends. Years later, when Gnani invited him to join her adventuring company, the elf joined without hesitation.

Sakesu disappeared while attempting to conceal a gatekey. Unwilling to compromise the security of his mission, the ranger told no one of his destination. When he failed to return, the remaining members of the Unbreakable Blades did not know where to begin a search. Sakesu—and his knowledge of the gatekey’s location—were lost to time.

Centuries later, a band of adventurers delivered Windrider from a cursed campsite within the plane of Faerie. However, the elf died upon returning to the Material Plane, having been cut off from the time-altering magic of the Feywild.


Sakesu Windrider

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