Quoyora & Tulai

Sir Bartleby's initiates


The halfling Quoyora, and her human friend, Tulai, grew up in Galisia as members of the roving bandit gang known as the Ice Demons. Quoyora was well-known amongst the troupe for her impeccable shot with a hand crossbow. Once she came of age, the archer was sent out on most critical supply raids. Tulai, for his part, lacked the finesse of some of his peers. He more than made up for it, however, with a ferocious, intimidating tenacity in the heat of battle.

The pair were recruited by Sir Bartleby of Calicia to become acolytes after a failed raid on a trade caravan the Dragon Punchers were escorting out of Pontill. As their first task, they were charged with delivering the Knight of Cups’s travel journal to the order headquarters in Calicia.

During their journey to the Khardish city the initiates escaped capture by cultists of the The Ushers of Seudihr.

Quoyora was asked to be present at part of Sir Bartleby’s resurrection ritual. While Tulai was unable to attend, he aided the Dragon Punchers in guiding them through the desert and cleansing the cultist outpost.


Quoyora & Tulai

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