Old Nan & Rose

Kindly old woman & her charge


The mysterious old woman lives in the forest outside of Fitche. Locals view her her as a mostly harmless eccentric with a penchant for acorns. Old Nan shares her home with a small, towheaded child named Rose.

Rose’s constant companion is Pipkin, the pumpkin-headed leshy tasked with keeping her safe. The two can frequently be spotted playing on the outskirts of town or collecting acorns for Old Nan.

Chari sold a portion of her luck to Old Nan in exchange for information regarding missing caravans from Goldendale (which will probably turn out fine!). Upon their departure Nan warned them to beware Rose’s friends in the forest.


Rose’s song:

Winds will howl and birds will sing
Gentle Death rules everything

Towns do fall and battles rage
Gentle Death will turn a page

Pox and plagues can do us in
Death gives you a gentle grin

Old Nan & Rose

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