Enthusiastic and explosive sorceress


Odallie hails from Beckton, a small coastal city south of Llyn Rhyl. A particular affinity for flame-based elemental magic left the tabaxi homeless early in her youth. Following this disaster she began her studies at Iriswood University in the hopes of better controlling her abilities. While not a particularly diligent pupil, her professors acknowledge Odallie’s uncanny proficiency as an evoker.

Officially, the young scholar has been allowed to room and study at the institution in exchange for services such as groundswork, maintenance, and other odd jobs. Unofficially, more than one professor keeps a watchful eye on the sorceress in hopes of better understanding the source of her power.

Odallie, having become good friends with Chari Cross, joined the Dragon Punchers on their journey to find and rescue the missing Professor Poplarlachs.



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