Micah of Nid

Farmboy with a heroic destiny


Micah is a tall, muscular youth with cornsilk hair that reaches his shoulders. He normally wears woolen pants with a farmer’s vest and carries an ornate greatsword. His stance is squarer and his demeanor is notably more confident when he wields the sword.

He has a kind temperament and is loyal and trusting—one might even say naive. Micah does not have a nuanced worldview; either you’re on his side (which is the side of Good and Heroes and The People) or you’re a villain and you deserve what’s coming to you.

Micah looks up to Bart as a favorite uncle, someone who’s been adventuring for some time and knows what he’s doing. He sees Chari as a sister and fellow apprentice, someone who is just starting out on her own path. He’s not sure what to think about Jinn but respects that he always seems to know what he’s doing.


Micah grew up in the small farming community of Nid with his parents and his siblings Jules, Rebby, Danny and little Wilf. His family was proud of their turnip crop, and every year at the village festival they’d sweep the awards with their secret recipe for turnip pie. But Micah’s favorite part of the festival was something else: the storytelling competitions.

Every night during the festival, Micah would listen enraptured to the old salts and greybeards who spun yarns about old heroes and monsters. Micah heard them all so many times he could tell them by heart. Sometimes a traveling merchant or their guard would join in, and those were his favorite—newcomers rarely had the skill to win a competition, but their stories were new and exciting.

During the rest of the year, Micah could often be found gazing up at the sky, lost in thought. He dreamed of living like the heroes in the stories, vanquishing evil and meting out justice for the people. He always knew in his heart that he was destined for great things. Didn’t all heroes rise from humble origins like his?

He got his chance one summer when he was pulling the plow for the turnip field and hit something hard. On digging it out he found that it wasn’t a rock but rather a sword wrapped in a tattered banner. Micah, no fool, knew a call to adventure when he saw it.

The local blacksmith was no fool either. She recognized the design of the sword and the ancient sigil on its banner, and knew that it was special. She told Micah the sword’s name was Cordyceps and that it had been wielded by a succession of mighty heroes whose identities were lost to time. She also knew that it had been forged with a matching set of armor.

Empowered by this news, knowing that his time had come, Micah bid farewell to his family and set off to claim his destiny, wherever it may be. His first heroic goal was to find Cordyceps’ lost armor, so he bought passage to Jarrow, thinking that someone in the fabled city of knowledge might have a clue to its whereabouts.

Of course, we all know how that turned out

(image credit: Ryan Gosling as Young Hercules)

Micah of Nid

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