The Menagerie

The Party's Fearless Companions


The (perfectly normal) obsidian dog which Jinn gave Micah after their terrible excursion into the sewers of Cardale. Bearton is good-natured, if dim. He excels at both tracking and fetch.

A juvenile basilisk hatched from an egg that spent much of its incubation period in the Feywild. Its variegated coloring, likely due to its incubation conditions, would prevent successful return to its natural environment.

Li’l Jinn
Hand weasel which Chari bought in Jarrow. Li’l Jinn seems to be useful for very little else other than being mildly unsettling.

The celestial pegasus of Sir Bartleby, the Knight of Cups.
Friendly, unruffled, slightly intoxicated, and seasick, the party has come to greatly appreciate the laid back steed. Marley assumes a more humanoid form when at home in Arborea.

Snapper DECEASED (again)
This small, undead creature was found in the cultist’s base outside of Goldendale. Whenever is sensed someone nearby, it would constantly bite and scrabble at the walls of the glass jar, either unconcerned or unaware of its translucent prison. While in Jarrow, Micah traded Snapper to Professor Wetmaer at the Blackview Academy in exchange for library access.

The (demonicly summoned) hawk of Corde Micah. It’s good at finding things and harrowing halflings. Thunderstrike is able to communicate telepathically with Micah, but does not seem able—or interested in—speaking with anyone else. The infernal hawk and Chari have a strained relationship after the bird interrupted the monk’s first date with Isabella Driftlace


The Menagerie

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