Majid So'asna "Jinn" Mara'hid

Khardish Prince & Literal Criminal


So’asna, born 322 years ago, is the third child of the royal Mara’Hid line. Physically, he takes after his father—a high elf with deeply tanned skin and regal features. His hair, however, is naturally a sage-green (in Khard, a color superstitiously believed to be unlucky or the sign of an early death). So’asna is covered in piercings, scars, and favors two large golden hoop earrings. However, he excels at disguise, and more often than not looks like someone else. For the past two years, So’asna has gone by by the name “Jinn” (much shorter than his full name: Majid Mara’Isri Lixō Venakresh Riasha’Sai Ghulam Nōx Hooktak Yastafa Jinan Freyath Shahnaz Mukhtor Erapalli Ja’Tzin Prasad So’asna Mara’Hid).


Third son of the Mara’hid royal family, So’asna is one of the seventeen royal family members of Khard, and the least dependable by far. He was born under a dark omen, one of the only children in Mas’Uld to have been brought to term during the Sorrow Century.

So’asna was a prodigal son who spent his time in gambling and pleasures of the flesh. However—or, perhaps because of this—he has spent more time with the common folk than the rest of the royal family. While he lived in Khard, he was known for frequenting seedy places, and is said to have had connections to the underground. At one point he was embroiled in scandal after killing a woman of the court. Yet, despite his negative reputation—and rumors stating otherwise—his siblings were close to So’asna; many were saddened by his disappearance. Majid Mani completely stopped speaking when her favorite older brother disappeared, and many believed that he had stolen her voice when he left Khard.

Jinn has been traveling with Chari for almost two years, and with the Dragon Punchers for a year. As part of a promise made to Bart, in the forests outside of Lost Prince Lake, Jinn will stay with the Dragon Punchers until such a time as they no longer need him. As part of the ceremony to resurrect Micah, Jinn promised to reveal to the young hero his true heritage.

Jinn introduced his sister, “Youngest daughter of the Mara’hid Royal Family, Majid Mani,” and in doing so implied his own parentage.

After leaving Mas’Uld twenty years ago, Jinn wandered, indulging his vices and aiding the few heroic souls he found along the way. Time and again, he was disappointed by the inability for “good” people to stay good. Maybe the Dragon Punchers, with their incredible capacity for heroic action, will not disappoint.

Majid So'asna "Jinn" Mara'hid

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