Esper Sherman

Head of the Guard Dispatch in Jarrow


Esper is a native of Jarrow and has served in the guard for nearly as long as anyone can remember. During the early years of enlistment Sherman distinguished herself amid the unofficial border skirmishes in the lands north of the Dragonlight Fens. The formative experience lay the groundwork for the Land’s Rotation policy. Esper requires all guardsmen serve outside their home city* for a minimum of one year in every five—a practice which encourages soldiers to better understand and experience the lands they defend.

Her very hands-on approach has made Esper a popular figure amongst the forces of Jarrow. The guard consider her a down-to-earth, sensible individual and are extremely loyal. While they show her the utmost respect on-duty, behind her back she is fondly known as “Mother Sherman”. Esper has done nothing to discourage this moniker.

Rumor had it Esper was recently reassigned from her post in Jarrow. However, the Dragon Punchers discovered that she was actually being held prisoner within the formerly abandoned Eabhen Keep in the Widow’s Flats outside Kinallen Glen. After her rescue, the head of guard dispatch aided the adventurers in securing Jarrow during the showdown against General Irador outside the city walls.

*Cities below the designated population threshold are excluded

Esper Sherman

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