An inquisitive, unsettling fey


Described as perhaps overly-helpful, this fey harbors a particular interest in Chari Cross. The huldra has been granted “access” to the young monk via a vaguely-worded bargain struck with Micah of Nid while he and Tabitha Burke were lost in the Feywild. It is unclear what Calla desires from Chari, or when she will consider her contract fulfilled.

Calla and Wilf crossed paths many times during his years in the Feywild. She considered their relationship a friendly rivalry; he approached it from a much more antagonistic angle. However, the two were able to strike a bargain at the end of his term of service. It was through her that the young ranger was able to locate his brother, Micah of Nid, and the rest of the Dragon Punchers in Jarrow.



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