Sir Bartleby of Calicia

The Knight of Cups


Bartleby is tall, handsome, charming, and indefatigably cheerful. His dark hair and rakish beard somehow always seem to be just right, which would be annoying if he wasn’t so damn nice. Whenever he’s out in public, Bart is attired in the arms and armor of his office – heavy mail with tabbard and shield bearing the sigil of the Order of the Chalice.

Bartleby is the current Knight of Cups within the The Knights Triumphant. This position, passed down by divine mandate, has led the paladin of Lliira all across Caelvoran. With his trusty steed, Marley, by his side, Bart hopes to discover the whereabouts of the fabled lost chalice of his Order.

While traveling in the Wraithwood Sir Bartleby stumbled across ruins of a House Sibilans keep. Underneath, a series of trials led him to a mysterious guardian that imbued the knight with the power to instinctively track the whereabouts of the Cup of Faith.

The Knight of Cups and the youngest princess of the Mara’hid line are romantically involved.


Oh, hey! I, uh, yeah, I didn’t see you there. How’s it going? Want a drink? No? Well, okay, then. Um…

So, my name’s Bartleby. Of Calicia, yeah. That’s important now, I guess. They, uh, they call me the Knight of Cups? Which is cool, I guess. I’m one of the Order’s “Searchers”, now, which, I guess, is also pretty cool! Huh? Oh, yeah, right, um, it basically means that I wander around with my horse, Marley, and spread the good word of the Order all while looking for, you know, the Chalice. Which might, like, be a metaphor, I guess? Basically, I talk to people about why they should be excellent to each other and celebrate life and bless marriages and properly punish wrongdoing and stuff…. Oh, yeah, I guess I’m supposed to hunt undead? But I haven’t really run into any of those yet. Oh, and I also teach folks how to make wine. You know, to make the other stuff more fun, right?

Huh? How did I what? Oh. The Order? Um, yeah, well, that’s kind of an embarrassing story, really. So, this was a few years ago, now, I guess, and I was apprenticing in Javari’s Winery, when suddenly, all these, like, nasty little goblin dudes start coming out of the woodwork. There was, like, a dozen of these guys and they’re comin’ at me, so I grabbed one of the… what do you call them? Cooper’s mallets? Yeah, we had a few lying around from the casking we did earlier in the day, so I grabbed one and, well, you know. I did what I had to do. I really think the, uh, Power of the Chalice? Yeah, that was really with me, because, like, when I bashed one of those little dudes, he smashed into the rack of casks and it was like, BOOM! The whole thing comes down on them. So, I, uh, I guess I saved the winery? And, like, all the other workers, I guess?

So, uh, yeah, that’s how the Order found out about me. And they, like, bought out my apprenticeship, I guess? And then trained me how to be a knight! The Knight of Cups! Pretty cool, right?

So, wait… where are we going?

Sir Bartleby of Calicia

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