Ninety-Nine Problems

Session 56: Caravans & Cacti

"Tentin' hard, or hardly tentin'?"


Bart and Mani set out into the desert to perform the ritual to summon Marley back to the Prime Material. During that time the paladin and the princess embarked on a spiritual journey together. Bartleby underwent the trials of Arborea. Afterwards, he and Mani journeyed through parts of Elysium in the hopes that the favored soul might find some peace with her patron.

The rest of the Dragon Punchers relied on Tulai to guide them through the desert. Chari awoke one morning to find her basilisk egg had hatched, though the creature was nowhere in sight. Jinn followed its tiny tracks and rescued Blinky from a den of ankhegs. No sooner had Jinn returned than the party was accosted by a group of hostile cactus-like creatures. Wilf attempted to reason with them, but their approach inadvertently set off a previous casting of cordon of arrows, causing the creatures to attack.

Stranger than the cactor was the encounter with the The Wandering Caravan. The afternoon spent with the troupe was filled with enthralling stories and a hearty meal before the artifact of the desert disappeared once more. Before they departed, the Dragon Punchers were permitted to browse the caravan’s wares and barter their way into new equipment.

Upon arrival in Calicia the group made their way to Citadel Oinone to find Sir Bartleby and Mani.



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